How To Participate

So you are a tea type?

Early on, I was surprised and relieved as event after event was well populated by those who share a deep concern for the direction our country has been heading.  Truly, there is hope as we have seen, by the participation of so many.  So many, in a defiance of what the mass media had early on dismissed so easily.  You showed up, carried signs, brought you children, traveled near and far, and in some cases spent small fortunes to make events happen in your own communities.


This time its different.  This time you get to leverage what you have done to remind those who pledged to restore our constitutional principles in government, that they still have unfinished business.  You get to let those who will carry your torch to elective office know you are their conscience.

And you don’t have to travel.  Or protest.  Or get angry.

On July 3rd 2012, wear yellow and black.  Adorn your car antenna with a simple yellow and black ribbon.  Carry a yellow and black attache.  Bear an obvious reference to the colors that remind everyone of your heritage as freedom loving patriots.  Carry on even after July 03, but just make the commitment to do so on that first day, and then the third day of each month until the November election and beyond.

Then look around you as you go to work, go shopping, travel your community or state.  Look for the yellow and black.

You will see them, and you will know.

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