Yellow And Black

Permanent Tea.

What it means, is that we aren’t going away.  Those of us who finally broke through the ridicule of media, the left, politicos in BOTH parties and a general apathy towards our government.

This, when we needed to do so, or see the final vestiges of our republic dissolve with finality. A time when the greatness of “One Nation Under God” would no longer move the dreams and aspirations of would be citizens, nor the patriotic desire for individual freedoms we for so long had taken for granted.

This effort, this project, is about the colors of inspiration.

And while Red White & Blue are the colors we see as truly nationalistic and binding, it is rather Yellow & Black which cautions those would would break the covenant we know as the constitution.  It says to our servants, our elected leadership, and those who would seek positions of power, that we take our rights as seriously as declared by our founders so many years ago.

The flag of Gadsden, bearing the coiled danger to those who would step where they are neither welcome nor wanted carries our message.  Its theme decidedly recognized more now than in the last 100 years, simply because the encroaching boots of tyranny have lowered the grass to see.

Yellow and black.


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